When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
— John Muir
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We try our best to be responsible citizens of this beautiful island. So we've worked our way through the myriad daily tasks and determined how to best be our own brand of 'Green.' To make sure that conservation doesn't take a vacation when you do, here are some steps we've taken:

We've switched nearly all of our 300+ light bulbs to efficient CFL and LED bulbs. We ask guests to do their part by turning lights off when departing their room. We also request that air conditioners be turned off also when no one is there to enjoy them.

We recycle anything we possibly can! Soda cans, water bottles, wine bottles, newspapers, magazines…. We ask guests to either leave them in their room or the butler's pantry…we'll take it from there.

We do not supply bottled water. Instead we provide our guests with complimentary refillable water bottles that are Bispenol A (BPA) free. The sink in the butler's pantry has been fitted with a .5-micron filter for really tasty cold water.

And we've found a great product line for guest amenities (soap, shampoo, etc.). The Beekind Collection from Gilchrist & Soames is a fresh smelling product line that comes in very eco-friendly packaging. There are no animal ingredients (except honey), no petrochemicals, no phthalates, no artificial colors, no....well you get the idea. And a portion of the proceeds go to Honeybee Research. We order the products in bulk and use refillable dispensers.

Laundry is a tremendous drain on energy and water resources. We now launder our linens in-house, cutting out the harsh chemicals, inefficient machinery and transportation of a commercial laundry. Also, during your stay,we will not change your towels if they are hung up. We'll assume you'd like to reuse them. Likewise, sheets will be changed every three days, unless you request otherwise. Be sure to walk the carriage road around Eagle Lake, our reservoir. It will thank you for your efforts.

We support local businesses with strong environmental practices. Our morning coffee comes from 44 North Coffee in Deer Isle Maine.  For breakfast food, Native Maine Produce is our chief source. And, we try to hit the local farmers markets to round out our menu. 

Our landscaping is 100% organic. We hope you'll enjoy being able to sniff the peonies, confident in the fact that there's nothing toxic or harmful there.

We support environmental and local charities such as Environment Maine, the Hancock County SPCA and the Maine Public Broadcasting Network

We use natural cleaning products whenever it's reasonable.  Clorox Green Works is our product line of choice. Vinegar & Water is a wonderful disinfectant for most things and is the ultimate cleaner for our glass and crystal. In the interest of full disclosure, we use a great Lysol product for certain critical applications. But we're still looking for a more natural solution.

Our winter activities revolve around renovation. Each project we take on is geared toward a more energy efficient house. All of our appliances have been replaced with high-efficiency, Energy Star compliant models. We've added additional heat zones to serve most of our guest rooms. Our guests can now be cozy without the need to heat other empty guest rooms. And guests in our third-floor suites, Birchcroft and Rosserne, now benefit from individual, ultra-efficient mini-split ducted heat pumps for heating and cooling!

We've gone completely digital! The holy grail of the paperless office has been achieved...at least at our inn.